Here’s how to get $40,000 toward your first home

We source for you an extra $20,000 of property industry incentives to add to the $20,000 First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) which is secured until 30th June 2018.

Secure this grant now and let us help you double it!

Give us some very basic information about your situation and we’ll let you know how quickly you can get the $40,000 and move into your new home.”

This incentive is only available for buying new houses NOT existing.

Some basic details from you to get started

Being able to save enough money to buy a first home has been a challenge for a lot of first home buyers.

The government is currently offering a grant of $20,000 available until the 30th of June 2018 to help people with their initial deposit.

However, this is simply not enough for most first home buyers.

Most people looking to buy their first home often have significant living expenses and some debt, so saving enough for a home deposit is hard.

If you are trying to save for your first home, but you are also trying to save for a wedding, or to travel overseas before starting a family, or are already raising a young family, chances are the government help alone will not be enough to cover your house deposit and allow you to live a normal life without sacrificing too much.

So what are your best options?

You can wait, wait, wait and save, save, save or look for what other opportunities are available in the housing market.

Every industry has incentives, which can be negotiated and made available to proactive customers.

Our role is to find and bring these incentives to first home buyers.

First Home Advantage is able to source for you an extra $20,000 to add to the $20,000 grant from the government.

To see if you can get this $40,000 of extra money towards the purchase of your first home, just answer these simple questions.

get $40,000 for your first home

Take the first step

Buying your first home is not an easy decision. Neither is finding the money for the deposit and for your monthly home loan repayments – month in, month out. It can be daunting.

But chances are you have already successfully tackled similar daunting financial decisions – supporting yourself through university and paying off your debt, or planning and paying off for your wedding, or looking after a young family.

Although it may feel hard to get into your first home it actually takes only 3 steps:

1. Take the first step (Decide)
2. Get as much help as you can
3. Have financial discipline

And the most important step is the first one, because help is always available if you are not afraid to ask. Surprisingly many people find that having strict financial obligations (repaying a house or car loans) is easier than paying-off credit cards. Getting a home loan can make people better at managing their finances and improve their financial discipline.

So take the first step – ask us how we can help to get you into your first home

Why we can help

First Home Advantage is a team of home and property industry specialists led by Vincent Noviello, who help first home buyers like you step faster and easier through all the steps of the process of buying your first home.

We also find and use all monetary incentives available to assist towards your deposit. If you already have the deposit, this money can be used for other expenses.

You may not need as much as you think to get started


This is what we do for you… we help you:

Make sure you CAN get the money you need

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Select the BEST home your money can buy

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GET the money for your house AND the extra $40,000

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Get your home BUILT to a high quality standard

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See what our happy home owners say about us.

Shayn Grauls

Hi Vincent My family and I thank you for everything you have done for us.  We wouldn’t have been able to do this without you and we really appreciate it. Shayn Grauls…

Mario & Marissa Yu

Buying our first home wouldn’t have been possible without your help.  We love our home. Mario & Marissa Yu…

Jun & Cecilia Son

When we met Vincent buying our first home wasn’t even something we thought about because we didn’t have any savings put aside for a house. We were amazed that by using the grant from the government and the extra help from First Home Advantage we could build ourselves a family…

Samer Hassan

Vincent and his team are the best.  He was always available for us.  We didn’t use his preferred builder and we regretted that but Vincent helped us through some tough negotiations with our builder to get our house finished.  I recommend him to anyone looking for their first home. Samer…

Tiare & Ariki Maaui Mua

When we were told that we were approved for finance I started crying. I never thought we could have done it but we did thanks to Frist Home Advantage. Tiare & Ariki Maaui Mua…

Helping a young family achieve what they thought was impossible

Earlier this year a young man, with two children living in the north side of Brisbane came to me. Daniel was a fly-in fly-out miner working in Darwin.

His wife was a stay at home mum looking after their children.

Daniel shared with me that day that he would love one day to be able to buy a house for his young family but, at the moment it was the furthest thing from his mind because he could barely make ends meet .

I’d heard similar stories before so I knew there was a chance I could help. I suggested we had a look at his financial situation to see just where he stood.

He had a car loan and a personal loan for a flash tv and rented a 3 bedroom house, in a reasonable suburb in Brisbane. Daniel was only home one week in four, because of his work.

When we had his financial situation assessed it surprised everyone. With what he was earning and paying in rent, he could afford a loan, just didn’t have the money for the deposit.

Daniel’s deposit was made up of the Queensland Government’s first home owner grant and a leg up of $20,000 from industry incentives I could find for him.

Together we discovered he and his family were able to get into a new home. The elation at the news that they could have a place of their own created such a vibe, that it was almost measurable on the Richter scale.

It was unbelievably satisfying and wonderful to witness.

Daniel's Family

Today, they enjoy the benefit of paying off their mortgage instead of paying rent (someone else’s mortgage) and are proud as punch to say they own their own home. I am happy I could help this young family achieve something they didn’t think was possible.

I’d love to help you  too.

Get in touch with me to have a chat, or send me some basic details so I can look at your situation.

Vincent Noviello, founder of First Home Advantage and Your First Home Facilitator